Introducing an enhanced IBM Cloud Support Center
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    Washington DC
  • Description
    We are excited to release the enhanced IBM Cloud Support Center. It is a place that provides you with a simplified and unified experience for getting IBM Cloud support.

    What improvements are included?
    Prior to this enhancement, it might have been difficult to manage your support cases and find relevant information to help troubleshoot your issues. We listened to your feedback and we took to the drawing board to design a delightful support experience that provides you with a sense of autonomy in your journey with using IBM Cloud.

    To get you the help that you need so that you can quickly get back to being productive, we made the following key improvements:
    • A new FAQ page that offers self-help content so that you can quickly find the answers that you need when you need them.
    • A centralized place to create and manage cases and to view the status of those cases across our platform and infrastructure offerings.
    • Integrated cloud status information about key events, such as unplanned incidents, planned maintenance, announcements, and security bulletins, that affect the IBM Cloud platform, infrastructure, and major resources.
    You are now empowered to get the information that you need by extracting more value and having easier access to the most frequently asked questions and relevant answers. In addition, depending on your support plan entitlement, you can continue to leverage existing methods, such as phone, community, and live chat, to get in touch with us about your key issues.

    This information originated in the Life Just Got Easier with the Enhanced IBM Cloud Support Center article within the IBM Cloud platform blog.